Monday, 20 June 2011

Thing 1, Blogging

A brief introduction to myself and what I am about....

I work in University of Warwick Library as an Academic Support Officer, and am already using many of the skills I picked up in UoW23 to help with my job. The ASOs are part of the Academic Development wing in Academic Services, so look to improve the service in addition to aiding the Academic Support Librarians.

Having made my way through the UoW23 23 Things (Warwick University Library) programme earlier in the year
I have already set up and run blogs so have already 'done' Thing 1. I find Blogging a really good way to keep track of what I am doing myself, but also to allow to share with others, and to compare what each of us is doing and thus benefit from each other's experiences.

I have started this programme in order to get practice and a refresher on what I learned already. There are also a lot of areas being covered which I have not touched on and I look forward to learning about these. I look forward to working along with the other participants in the programme so please feel welcome to comment on anything I have put in the blog or just contact me to discuss things.

In addition to aspects of my job, I am interested in green issues, sustainability and wildlife. I have a wildlife-friendly garden (i.e. weed-filled!) and keep chickens, five at present. I am a Scot living in Coventry, and love going back to Scotland to hill-walk and enjoy the air and scenery in the glens.

I am on Twitter already, @lindsmgreen, and will be using the same account to tweet about the programme.


  1. Your title attracted me to the blog and I see that you are a nature lover like me. I would love to know how you use blogs for work. Is it a personal blog or a team blog?

  2. I was attracted by your blog title too, that is one thing I have learnt from cpd23 already, an unusual blog title attracts readers!

    I just thought I would say hi as I go through Coventry on the train everyday. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. I really liked your blog title. Just wondering if you're finding this 23 things different to the one you did previously?