Thursday, 21 July 2011

Considering Personal Brand

Well, ain't I common! I am not one of the many male Lindsay Greens; nor am I the woman who is a Performance Improvement Manager; nor any of the other women (including those who spell their name 'Lindsey'). In fact I had some difficulty in finding me! Eventually I found a photo which used to be on my Twitter profile, this being of me with a chicken on my shoulder (as you do..). Unfortunately this photo (and the chicken who is now in the free-range field in the sky) are no longer around. Interesting that though removed it is still retrievable by anyone who is sad enough to look for it - beware all of you who believe you can delete something from the internet - looks like it is there forever! So Phoenix chicken, you have your own little bit of immortality!

(photo, Phoenix chicken, taken 2008 by Lindsay Green)

Yep, this shows what Phoenix thinks of that!!!

Eventually I found my profile on LinkedIn, which, to be honest, has very little on it and should be expanded. This is one which I take much more seriously than most of the other ones I have (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc). Although I am a pretty private individual (definitely much more private than pretty....) there is nothing I object to people finding; anything embarrassing would likely have been posted by my dysfunctional extended family (so there is a Facebook account which I keep personal and private, privacy levels akin to those in the vaults of the Royal Bank of Scotland.......) Probably I should be looking more carefully at what information I have on all the profiles. My privacy paranoia means few can find much about me other than that I keep chickens and am a veggie-type person. Really useful information of course....

Anyhow, this has made me think of my personal brand, something I had not really considered in the past, and will try to do better in future! Thanks folks!

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