Thursday, 18 August 2011

Google Calendar

Talking about leapfrogging, I have been using Google Calendar for a long time now and rely on it totally. It is picked up by my mobile and reminds me when I have forgotten something, sending me an email a selected period beforehand. It also nags me by sending beeps regularly (though to be fair this could be the phone and not GC) until I work out how to tell it to shut up! I had it linked to my work (outlook) calendar for a while, but then decided I didn't actually want to mix work with personal so deleted this part, though it could be very useful. And on top of this it reminds me of the birthdays of people I hardly (or don't) know but am Facebook 'Friends' with so that I can remember to not send them a birthday message (removed my own birthday from Facebook when I realised it was doing this as I don't want a random selection of people to know I have reached another milestone which I, as a wrinkly, would prefer to forget...

Anyhow, this sounds a bit negative when it shouldn't. I really like Google Calendar, really prefer it to Outlook, and would recommend it.

I have also added it (in addition to my Google Mail account) as a gadget to my iGoogle page and share it with my uvver 'aff.

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