Thursday, 18 August 2011

They Sowshal Netwurk Thingymajiggies again

Ok, continuing where I left off -

Regarding Facebook privacy issues, feel the need to share this warning which is going around today:

NEW PRIVACY ISSUE WITH FACEBOOK. As of tomorrow, Facebook will creep into your bathroom when you're in the shower, smack your bottom, and then steal your clothes and towel. To change this option, go to Privacy Settings > Personal Settings > Bathroom Settings > Smacking and Stealing Settings, and uncheck the Shenanigans box. Facebook understandably kept this one quiet. Please Copy and Paste on your status to alert the unaware.

Well, made me chuckle anyhow...

LISNPN looks a really good online network and it seems to encourage wrinklies like me too!! Have joined it anyhow, under the really imaginative username of 'Lindsay Green' - good choice I think!

Similarly Librarians as Teachers looks an incredibly useful way of sharing ideas and experiences so I have put me name down for that one too! Wow, I'm going to feel popular when all these emails keep coming through - when I am going to have the time to read them, never mind answer and contribute, is a mystery. Roll on the cold dark wet evenings when I can't work in the garden - oh, silly me, this is August in the UK and the evenings are cold, dark and wet already!

Anyhow, onwards and upwards I go - the dizzy heights of Thing 7 next!

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