Friday, 5 August 2011

Reflective Practice

University of Warwick Lakeside Residences

Lakeside, University of Warwick. Photo L Green

Well, time for reflecting on what has been done so far. I am aware that with life being so busy I have a tendency, at the completion of a difficult task, to heave a sigh of relief and put it both physically and mentally in the back of the cupboard. I am however probably better than most at writing notes on what I have been doing for future use, mainly because I have a memory like the proverbial sieve. Sadly I am guilty of not reviewing regularly and must learn to take time out more often to do so. Lots of interesting links to look at when I have some spare time..... I find winter much better for this - right now the garden weeds beckon!

The value of reflection in blogging was something I became much more aware of while doing the UoW23 things programme, the very informative sharing with others of our findings on what we had discovered or used.

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