Friday, 12 August 2011

Online Networks

Spending a little time on this this evening. Have now taken some action on the Thing 3, Personal Brand, thingie, and have looked at my profile and tried to improve it - see, I am listening after all. I now have a profile photo which is being used everywhere one is required for professional purposes and have added more professional details to these sites. One problem with photo - 'im outdoors says he took it so it belongs to him and I am in breach of copyright as his verbal permission for me to use it does not count. He is therefore threatening to sue me, though I think this is unlikely as he would end up paying himself as he earns considerably more than I do.....

Anyway, onto the next thing.

Thing 6, Online Networks

Have a fair amount of experience with Twitter and Facebook, and am on LinkedIn though not using it a lot. I can certainly see the point in these for sharing information and getting to know people working in similar areas to yourself.

Twitter I use a lot for these purposes, and am now getting into the way of using LinkedIn too, gradually putting a lot more into it. Have just joined a couple of groups in LinkedIn, including the cpd23 one, and will monitor how these are going.

I have a work-email linked Facebook account (and a personal one separately) though have not really linked in the professional one to many people other than those I am working with already, which I don't think is really the purpose. The way I am using the personal one for linking to people with similar interests I can see I should carry over to the professional one. i common with a great many people I have serious concerns on privacy issues with Facebook, and have put my privacy levels so high it is quite difficult for people to find me, which sort of defeats the purpose...... Also I find amending your chosen privacy levels not intuitive in Facebook so it is easy to have information much more visible than you wish it to be.

to be continued....

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